In Mold Graphics

Five years ago Allied Graphics developed IN MOLD GRAPHICS for a variety of applications.

We have developed two distinct technologies for different applications.

One of the technologies was developed to replace overlays, such as the one shown below. Our new technology actually fuses the printed piece to the injected mold part during the molding process to become one. Using this technology, the only way to remove the printing is to physically destroy the housing.


Old Method: Overlays New Method: IN MOLD GRAPHICS

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In Mold Graphics Sample

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Overlay Replacement Technology

Examples: A medical device manufacturer can use this new technology to provide controls that withstand even more wear and exposure to harsh enviromental conditions such as chemicals or UV light. Also, the housing would have to be destroyed to remove any warnings or instructions thereby providing safer operating conditions.

A manufacturer of refridgeration units used on containers that travel the ocean could increase the resistance to color fade and provide a much longer outdoor durability from UV light exposure. This will enable the user to keep the container in service more thereby lowering their cost per use.


Low Surface Energy Technology

Examples: With the customizing of snowmobile graphics, one of the areas commonly overlooked is the snow flap. Our technology will allow the manufacturer to use only one mold, but have any number of custom graphic inserts. Click here for an example.

Donation racks at fast food drive-in resturants can now have durable graphics incorporated into the product for specific charitable causes.

Recycling containers can have the information incorporated into the plastic instead of using labels that will wear out. Click here for an example.


Our other technology was developed for applications involving high density polyethylene, polypropylene, or the TPE resins. The plastics can be rigid or flexible and our proprietary bonding method will fuse the printing and injection molded part to become one during the molding process.

Other companies are able to provide a marginal product for rigid applications. As can be seen below however, we are able to provide a product for not only rigid, but very flexible uses.

Competitor’s Product Our Product

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