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Due to the wide knowledge base of our employees and strategic partners, we are often presented with unique ideas for a number of markets.

If it has anything to do with pressure sensitive adhesives, plastic film coatings, silicone coatings, injection molding of plastics or silicone, screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, or digital printing, we could be a beneficial resource.

Many times, in trying to develop a new product you will need to find different sources for each of the processes. We try to handle as many of these functions as we are knowledgeable about. Oftentimes, we have other sources you can use for areas outside our expertise.

This is how we developed In Mold Graphics for example. Other products in the development pipeline include; an adhesive coated shrink film and a permanent marking system. Both have Patent Pending status.



Allied Graphics has a number of customers that prefer to supply material for screen printing. We have years of experience with both equipment manufacturers and display companies.

Over the years we have printed on; sheets of rigid plastic up to .50″, paper for a new popcorn bag, miniature batteries, electronic circuitry, specialty wovens and non-wovens, metal housings, and a host of other plastics, metals and cloths.


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From Conception to Production,

Allied Graphics can produce a wide variety

of printed parts to compliment your product!

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