Long Term Signage

The before and after pictures below show what happens when you purchase from the wrong sign company.

Due to our workload, we outsourced the making of our building signs.  After less than 3 years, the before picture is what the result was.  Vinyl lettering was literally falling off like dandruff.  The red in the Arrowhead logo is faded to pink. We have since replaced the sign with our own.

The new Allied Graphics Sign will last at least 7 to 10 years as we designed it.


Our original vendor on the signs stated that they only warrant signs for 1 year.  Needless to say we will not be using them again or referring any business to them.

The old adage, “The joy of low price is quickly forgotten with inferior quality” is still true today.



Outsourced Sign (1 Year)
Outsourced Sign (1 Year)

Outsourced Sign (2 Years)
Outsourced Sign (2 Years)

Outsourced Sign (3 Years)
Outsourced Sign (3 Years)

New Vinyl Sign
Allied Graphics Printed Sign


Metal Nameplates

 Where very long term outdoor durability is required, aluminum and stainless steel nameplates are still used extensively.  Most are riveted on to the equipment, but some utilize pressure sensitive adhesive.  We produce a number of parts for various equipment manufacturers.  Please call to discuss your particular needs.

New Product Development

Allied Graphics and its sister company, Arrowhead Coating & Converting, have been working with clients on developing new products for many years.  If your idea is uses film, adhesive, silicone, adhesive coating, printing process, or any combination of these, we can probably be of assistance. 


Contract Printing

We pride ourselves on the ability to work with other companies by printing on their materials.  From plastic sheets to dimensional metal housings, we have the proper inks and knowledge to provide this service to you.


Many of the parts we produce should be laminated with a film to encapsulate and protect the printed graphics and underlying film.  The most common is a clear polyester film.  We stock three different thicknesses and will assist you in determining the proper one for your application.  There are also a number of other films that can be used to extend outdoor life of the decal or more conformability.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

While the standard adhesive at the normal thickness works for many applications, there are new applications every day that require special adhesive and/or thicker deposits to meet your requirements.  Our expertise in this area can assist you in designing and testing the proper adhesive for your application.  We have a number of adhesives at various thicknesses in stock for immediate testing and production.


What is a membrane switch?

A membrane switch is a compact switch assembly that controls some electronic functions on a piece of equipment.  One of the everyday uses of membrane switches is for the controls on a microwave oven.  These switches can range from the simple to extremely complex.  They may have windows for digital displays or LED’s.  At times the control buttons will be raised, other times they are flush with the surface.

What is an overlay?

What is an” Overlay” and how is it used?

An overlay is typically used on a housing for electrical/electronic controls to explain the functions of the controls.   Depending on the type of switches it can have buttons that may be raised or flat that can be pushed to activate a switch.  Other types of overlays may have cut out areas for switches to protrude.   On some overlays, there are windows to protect LED’s or digital displays but allow for readability. Our company specializes in helping you create the perfect overlay for the application you are looking for, and we would be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you would have about your product!